Wayward Strategist


NOTE – this article was originally published in June of 2014 on the website RTSGuru.com, a website which has since closed down. In an effort to preserve the writing it has been reposted, unaltered, here by Brandon “wayward strategist” Casteel – the original author and proprietor of this site. Wargame: Red Dragon is one of the best games you might never play. The third entry in Eugen System’s Wargame franchise, this is a game… Read More

I’ve been hard at work on my first StarCraft 2 mod, Remnants, lately, and I’m excited to share what I’ve currently got implemented. Also, I’m putting to paper my road to actually getting this little game into peoples’ hands. Some units have changed slightly since the last time I wrote about the Constructor’s Tier 1 tech level, but much of this might be familiar to anyone who’s read my modder’s diary before.

One thing that I tend to take issue with in RTS design is the concept of the “easy” or “beginner” faction, or when factions have drastically different requirements in terms of mechanical complexity or demand. Ideally, for balanced multiplayer, all players would be taking roughly the same amount of actions over the course of a match regardless of what faction they’re playing.

A couple months ago, I wrote up a thought experiment about a strategy game in which no resource was plentiful, a so-called “scarce-resource RTS.” Since then, I’ve been working on a mod for StarCraft 2 intended to prototype and experiment with this idea. Mostly for my own edification, I’m going to write up a brief and broad overview of the project, outlining the theme, salient features, inspirations, and my overall goals for… Read More

Strategy games, especially those in the Real Time Strategy genre, tend to follow a common formula. In each match, the players start with limited resources: typically, a single “command center” structure and a handful of scouting or economy-focused units, depending on the systems the game uses for resource gathering. From there, players will typically mine, build, research and produce resources, structures, upgrades and units respectively, making choices that influence the growth of… Read More