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Despite the fact that there hasn’t been a new, official entrant in the series since March of 2009, Command and Conquer (C&C) remains one of my all-time favorite real-time strategy franchises. To me, C&C is one of the cleanest and most elegant approaches to RTS design in existence. I’ve written before about the Dune RTS model, which is closely related to the C&C model, and so I’m always…

So I’ve struggled to really love the two most recent “big” RTS games to come out recently, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak  and Ashes of the Singularity, I still enjoy them but they aren’t holding my interest so far. So the past few weeks I’ve gone down RTS memory lane and played some of the older RTS games I enjoyed when I was younger. Obviously I found some RTS have held up better… Read More

Most of the time, when someone talks or writes about a large-scale RTS (that is, an RTS which allows the player to control hundreds or thousands of individual units as opposed to tens or dozens) they’re speaking about a game in the lineage of the venerable Total Annihilation. Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, Supreme Commander 1 and 2, and Planetary Annihilation, are among the most well-known and popular large-scale RTS. All of these games… Read More

Over the past two days, Blackbird Interactive – the team behind Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, has released two major updates. First, they released replays on Monday, March 21st alongside a major balance patch. Potentially more momentous is the release on March 22nd of Kiith Soban, the first major DLC for the title. Let’s take a brief look at the changes and their implications

Recently with two games I’ve been enjoying, Act of Aggression and Homeworld:  Deserts of Kharak, I have run into some of the systems in the game that I wanted more information on. I looked within the game itself and didn’t really find any help so I turned to internet looking for an official website with what I was looking for. I was quickly disappointed for when I arrived at the Homeworld website… Read More

Once upon a time, a studio that likely would have been considered “indie” by today’s standards called Cavedog Entertainment created a real time strategy game called Total Annihilation. The game tells the story of a relentless, multi-millennium intergalactic war between two factions: the all powerful Core, and the rebel Arm. Humanity has become entirely extinct and in its place: self-replicating machines continue to vie for domination where the “only acceptable outcome is the… Read More

I have this theory I’ve slowly been developing about RTS games design. I touched on it briefly in my overview of action RTS AirMech, and again in my first “RTS Design Thought” article where I briefly discussed the implications of economic automation. I suppose I need to, at some point, sit down and write it out in full, in bald words, but I am unsure I’m prepared at this point to commit it… Read More