Again, I’m going to open with StarCraft. I wasn’t paying much attention to the rise of StarCraft 1 as an eSport, to be perfectly honest. I was absorbed at the time with trying to get my parents to let me play Massively Multiplayer online games… first Dark Age of Camelot, then Anarchy Online. By the time my love affair with the MMO ended (with World of WarCraft) I was really out of… Read More

Subtitled: why are you playing Dawn of War 2, and why should I care? OK, StarCraft 2 is a no brainer. It’s one of the most-played games that has ever been released, and is the subject of numerous tournaments which have prize pools in the hundreds of thousands. It’s exciting! And, the more you understand it, the more you can appreciate high level play. Huk’s sick micro in the MLG finalswas breathtaking,… Read More

Well, I’ve recently decided to try what I’m calling the “Dawn of War 2 Challenge.” That is, on Sunday, I decided that I would attempt to play Dawn of War 2 for 2 weeks to give it a fair shake against the juggernaut that is StarCraft 2. I’ll come back to this later. For the past year, I have played little else aside from StarCraft 2. It’s a great game, and rather… Read More

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