Time as a Resource Part 2: Multiplayer Map Design

In my last post we discussed how map design can greatly impact the quality of single player missions. At the end we came away with the conclusions that what we want from a good map is: – Naturally encourages a player to interact with the map and their opponent – Use subtle methods to encourage…

Time as a Resource Part 1: Single Player Map Design

Within the standard real time strategy genre (along the lines of Command and Conquer, Age of Empires and Starcraft) there is a real sense of progression as the game moves along, having fairly clear early, mid and late game. This is drawn out in a few ways, resource expansion, technology improvements and overall growing unit…

More thoughts about “character” in RTS games

Yesterday, I wrote what ended up being a fairly well-recieved (somehow) but rambling and ill-focused article for the site RTSGuru.com about how real-time strategy games need more iconic characters, like Kane, Kerrigan or Arthas. I think I may have missed the mark a bit, however.

Calling all Protoss players – train like a pro!

The estimable @mycotoxin_zerg of zergnewbs is participating in a group called The Training Pit, and has asked for my help drumming up the support of the Bronze through Platinum league Protoss community. Why he thought anyone reads this blog, is beyond me. Ha, but seriously, I think that the Training Pit is an excellent idea. It’s…

Brotip: CombatEX talks about Protoss

I stumbled across this video the other day on YouTube, and thought it was so good that I couldn’t help but to add it here as a Brotip. He provides some excellent insight on the Protoss versus Protoss matchup. Seriously, though CombatEX, you really need to slow down a little bit. Breathe, man!