Battlefield uncertainty and fog of war

Almost since the inception of games, game designers have known that giving all participants universal and precise access to complete information about a game’s state can be a roadblock to the skill and fun derived from playing. In card games such as War, Rummy, Blackjack and Poker for instance, at least one or more of each player’s cards […]

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Grey Goo non-review

I’m going to start by saying that I already covered a lot of ground on the topic of Grey Goo in my preview which I released just under 2 weeks ago. I’m going to endeavor to not cover the same topics the same way I did before. I also, and I cannot stress this enough, am intentionally […]

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My thoughts about Grey Goo

I consider myself a long time fan of Petroglyph games. I put possibly upwards of 100 hours into Universe at War, and was perhaps one of the only people who signed up for Games for Windows Live solely to play ranked multiplayer in the game. I was in the beta for aborted games Mytheon and […]

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